Photo Exhibits and Shows of Paul Bock

Over the years my work was exhibited internationally, and I had won numerous awards and distinctions. Since 2009 I am member of the “Romanian Association of Fine Art Photographers”, and since 2013 I am member of the “Euro Foto Art Association”.

September 20, 2008Associated Artists of Inland Empire, 24th Annual Show, , a juried exhibit

“Silent Scream” (Winner)

“Twenty Years Later”

“Sunrise on Grand Teton”

September 9-24, 2009, Euro Foto Art Gallery, Oradea, Romania

Solo Exhibit, Shown 100 images,

October 2009, Arad, Romania Solo Exhibit, Shown 100 images,

February 2010, Cluj and Craiova, Romania Solo Exhibit, Shown 100 images,

March 2010, National Chamber of Commence, Bucharest, Romania

Solo Exhibit, Shown 100 images,

November 2009, Euro Foto Art Gallery, Oradea, Romania, Romanian - Hungarian Photo Show

Shown:Winter Theme


“Cathedral Rock at Dawn”



“Glacier Track”



“Glacier-02” “Glacier-03”

“Glacier zigzag”

Sixth International Salon of the Romanian and Hungarian Photo Artists Worldwide, juried exhibitions, , shown simultaneously at:

Jan 11-21, 2013, National Bank of Romania, Bucharest, Romania

Jan 11-21, 2013, Euro Foto Art Gallery, Oradea, Romania

Jan 11-21, 2013, Romanian Cultural Institute, Budapest, Hungary

Jan 22-30, 2013, Stars Gallery, Cluj, Romania

“Waiting” (Winner)



“One More Sip”


May 18, 2013, Izlozba Fotografija, Novi Sad, Serbia

Solo Exhibit, Shown 100 images

The Second Exhibition of Fine Art Photographers from Bihar and Hajdu-Bihar Counties, “The Pictorial Bihar County”, shown simultaneously at:

October 4-22, 2013, Galeria Euro Foto Art, Oradea, Romania

October 29-November 8, 2013, Ifjúsági Ház Debrecen, Hungary

“Alone” (Winner)

“Contrast” (Winner)

“Restaurant Szedosz” (Winner)

“St. Steven’s Church, Oradea, Romania

“Colonnade” (Winner)

“Church of the Ursuline Sisters”


November 28, 2013,

Paul Bock – Juror for the Salon International “Premfoto 2013” Juried 165 images.

Feb 26, 2014, Photo Exhibit at the newly restored Casino in downtown, Cluj, România.

“75th Aniversary” (Winner)

Salon International “Eurofotoart”, sixth edition, 2014, shown simultaneously at:

May 9-23, 2014, Institutul Cultural Roman, Bucuresti, România

May 9-23, 2014, Asociatia Euro Foto Art, Pta 1 Decembrie Nr. 12, Oradea

“Toledo” (Winner)

“Horse Driven Cart”

“The Old Church of Zsombek” (Winner)

“The Tisza Memorial”

August 22-26, 2014, Palace of the Culture Shenzhen, China.

I participated with the Secrets of the Stone collection.






Oct. 22-26, 2014, First International Photo Festival, Shanzhen, China.

I participated with the Secrets of the Stone collection.






Shunde/Guangdong, China:

My Secrets of the Stone collection is on permanent exhibit at Shunde Art Museum.






The title of the exhibited collection of five images is: “Secrets of the Stone”.

When I was visiting an Italian style villa, I noticed strange and interesting patterns etched by the weather in the limestone stepping-stones leading to the sandy beach.

These patterns were barely visible to the eye, but they inspired me to photograph them. Following creative processing, different evocative images started to emerge, and I was drawn into the secret stories the stone was telling me. Some resembled animals and one talked of the Last Judgment (Rapture) when the good souls will be taken to the Heaven by guardian angels and the evil ones will be crushed, like the blue figure on the left side of the image.

I believe this is the essence of my art: to find and show through photography the secrets and the hidden meaning of the world that surrounds us.

Câmpina, România, International Exhibition of Photography, CIEP 2016: November, 2016,

"Red Rock-Sedona-Arizona"

"Mission at Laguna Pueblo"

"Harvard Glacier-Alaska"

"Mendenhall Glacier Tracks-Alaska"

"The Pain Never Stops"

"Sunrise on Grand Teton"

"Scream-Antelope Valley-Arizona"

"Red on Li River"

Books and Photo Albums by Paul Bock:

- Fahima: a Glimpse of my Soul, 2000-2003. 9.5x13”. ©2004

- Otven Ev Utan, 10x8.5”. ©2007

- Parniyan’s Wedding. 8.25x10”. ©2007

- Fahima Bock: My Other Side, 2004-2011. 10.75x12.75”. © 2012

- The Wedding of Gil and Ioana, 11x13”. ©2012

- Gateway to Heaven. 10x8”. ©2012

- Es az Elet Halad Tovabb, 10.5x8.25”. ©2014

- Viețile Noastre, A4. ©2016 909-721-0863

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